Baseball Road To The Playoffs


Sep 2015

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Baseball playoff contenders

The road to the 2015 MLB Playoffs is about to arrive at its destination, as baseball teams continue to battle it out as they try to make it into the 10 spots open before the playoffs begin. In each division there are certain teams that have better odds of making it through. Here we will show you what the experts have determined to be the highest ranking teams with the best odds of making it through to the playoffs.

AL East Toronto Blue Jays 94.3%
AL Central Kansas City Royals 100%
AL West Texas Rangers 81.4%
Houston Astros 15.1%
L.A. Angels 3.5%
AL Wild Card New York Yankees 93.9%
Houston Astros 53.4%
L.A. Angels 17.2%
Minnesota Twins 14.5%
NL East Washington Nationals 98.9%
NL Central St. Louis Cardinals 94.3%
Pittsburgh Pirates 90%
NL West L.A. Dodgers 99.9%
NL Wild Card Chicago Cubs 100%

The one team that has a lot of buzz surrounding them, the Kansas City Royals and have never won the AL Central. The last time they won was when they were in AL West in 1985, but it seems this year they are already one team that is guaranteed to be in the playoffs. There are many teams with good chances on getting a spot in the AL wild card, but it seems the New York Yankees will more than likely get it.

As for the NL wild card, seeing as how the Cardinals and Pirates will be moving into the playoffs, the most likely team to get the spot would be for one of the NL Central teams. In this case, the Chicago Cubs would have amazing chances of getting in to play. Some of these teams that were mentioned did not have very good chances of getting to the playoffs and winning the World Series at the start of the season, but now are looking pretty good; which is why a lot of sportsbooks are very worried at the moment.

With these MLB teams having the better odds of getting into the Playoffs, we will be able to see some great baseball games this year.