Red Sox Manager John Farrell Looks Into Baseball Altering Compromise


May 2015

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Baseball doctoring

With how the MLB is starting to get more strict on baseball doctoring, the Red Sox manager John Farrell is looking to create a compromise with the association. There has been several suspensions of certain pitchers when there has been a foreign substance found on their arms.

Brian Matusz and Will Smith, both relief pitchers, were suspended for 8-10 games after they were found to have a foreign substance on their person that could have been used to gain an edge when pitching. These are the current controversy’s, but the MLB has had their fill of ball doctoring incidents.

Ever since baseball was invented, teams, especially pitchers, were always trying to get an edge, an advantage when throwing the ball, whether it is a better grip, different finger placement, etc. This is why Farrell wants to find a compromise and solution to these over the top suspensions.

His view on the matter is that there are always ways to alter a ball, even slightly. Pitchers are trained to feel even the slightest differences in a ball, and they can then use that to their advantage. A ball that is hit hard by a bat can deform, even gripping the ball can change it. So, the question is what is the level of tolerance that the MLB will use when comparing the balls structure or other substances used.

I do believe there are a lot of factors involved, and I do believe that any substance that can increase the ability to pitch better without using the ability of the pitcher is not very sportsmanlike; like the other substance that has caused so much damage in baseball, steroids. Let’s wait and see what guidelines the MLB can come up with.