Orioles Postpone Baseball Game Due To Baltimore Riots


Apr 2015

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Orioles baseball team

The Baltimore Orioles decided to postponed their Monday game due to the escalated and violent riots that have shook Baltimore, as well as the rest of the nation as they stand by and watch. Baseball is not a priority at the moment, with stores and businesses getting looted and destroyed.

It’s a safety dance, where every citizen in Baltimore needs to put their safety first, and this includes the Orioles, as well as any visiting baseball team; in this case their game against the White Sox was postponed until things calm down. On Saturday, the fans were all locked in the stadium, as police in riot gear stood outside.

Hopefully this does not continue to escalate, as many members of the community have spoken out against and condemned the violence of these past few days. Orioles fans are encouraged to hold on to their tickets, as they will be honored once games resume. Although, the ticketing agent said that they could mail in their tickets, and possibly get a refund or exchange them.

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