Fantasy Baseball Brings In Big Cash Through DraftKings


Apr 2015

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Fantasy Baseball

For those avid baseball fans that are always joining their friends fantasy league, but are sure that their picks are the best possible, there may be a way for you to make money as you enjoy watching the MLB games. DraftKings is one of the top and leading websites where you can legally make money by betting on sports, all through the use of fantasy sports.

It is legal in the sense that you are not directly wagering on a sporting event, but rather how well your fantasy team does. This has sparked an enormous market, and everyone wants a piece of this. Baseball is one of the top sports that fans enjoy to play, and recently its popularity has continued to rise. For instance, this April 19th favorite line-up, as well as what people have earned off of their performances are:

  • Starting Pitcher: Felix Hernandez, Seattle Mariners ($10,600)
  • Catcher: Salvador Perez, Kansas City Royals ($3,400)
  • First Base: David Ortiz, Boston Red Sox ($4,500)
  • Second Base: Devon Travis, Toronto Blue Jays ($3,800)
  • Third Base: Jose Iglesias, Detroit Tigers ($3,200)
  • Shortstop: Zack Cozart, Cincinnati Reds ($3,700)
  • Outfielders: Nelson Cruz, Seattle Mariners ($5,500)

A fantasy baseball team will obviously have a lot more players on its roster, but these are the top performers of April 29th, and with many more games coming up, they will certainly gain more popularity. To check out some of the other great players that you can add to your roster, read about it here.