MLB Baseball Increases Security On Balls After Deflategate


May 2015

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MLB Baseball security

After the scandal with the NFL and “Deflategate”, the MLB has heightened their own security on their baseball balls. This has started a whole new wave of increased surveillance during sports games, especially those professional sports that have balls; hopefully the NBA stays clean.

Due to this incident, the MLB has a few new ways of enforcing and making sure the rules are followed:

  • An MLB representative will watch the the baseballs as the clubhouse assistant carries them from the umpires’ room to the field.
  • If the ball supply runs low during a game, a MLB security person will be sent to retrieve more from the umpires’ room.

In the past, this was the job and responsibility of the ball boy or girl. Hopefully this will avoid any future incidents associated with ball tampering, as the old saying goes “better safe than sorry”. The MLB did send out a memo to all 30 teams regarding these new rule changes and enforcement.

There isn’t much that anyone can do to a baseball, as they are hard to tamper with. The one method that can be used is by dunking them in water, which will add 9 ounces, but will most definitely blow out the pitchers arm. Either way, it is good measure to keep the items that are so important to the game under careful watch.

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