Millions Of Votes Cancelled By MLB For All-Star Game


Jun 2015

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Baseball All-Star Votes

As the MLB has placed their voting process online, they have given each fan the chance to vote up to 35 times on the baseball players they want to see play in the All-Star game. However, every year the League has concerns that fans are taking advantage of this system and voting much more than allowed. This is why they have taken it upon themselves to cancel a good quantity of the votes.

A good quantity would be 60 to 65 million votes. This may sound like an enormous amount to cancel, but these are the votes that have gone over the limit, and as such they will not count towards the total. The man in charge of this decision, Bob Bowman, CEO of MLB Advanced Media, said that this was necessary if they were to avoid fraud.

Fans may be over-voting so that not only their favorite player can participate, but so that the entire lineup of their home team will play. For example, Kansas City fans have voted nearly the entire Royals starting lineup. Having most of the players come from one team is not what the All-Star game is about, it is about having the best players show their talent.

There is plenty of talent to be found throughout the MLB, and would be bad if there are only Royals players. Even if the League deletes these votes in order to avoid this discrepancy, it could backfire and spur the fans to vote even more. Hopefully this will get resolved before the game and we can see some a great baseball match.